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After you register for an exam, you will receive a confirmation e-mail message. Be sure to review the e-mail message carefully for the latest exam policies and procedures.

What to expect
IACVS – ICVS exam centers typically have as many as 25 seats which may or may not be occupied by other applicants. Exam centers administrators strive to provide a quiet and comfortable environment for all the exam takers. Noise and other special concerns can be discussed further with your exam center administrator.

Bring your own laptop with internet connectivity
Applicants who have registered for the ICVS exam are expected to bring their laptop with internet connectivity for taking the exam. However no local & remote folders, drives, ports or any other website except the IACVS website and the exam portal, assessment application will be allowed to access during the exam time from your laptop.

Laptop - System requirements for accessing the ICVS exam site

OS ________, Browser ________, Supporting applications?_____________, any other?

Plan to arrive early
It is recommended that you arrive at the exam center at least 30 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin. No grace time is given beyond the scheduled time. You will be asked by the regional charter administrator to re-schedule for another day incase you arrive late and after the scheduled time (Which might incur additional fee).

Bring your identification
To take your exam, you must bring the identification (ID) that was specified when you registered for the exam. If you are unclear about which forms of ID are required, contact the regional charter identified in your registration information. Although requirements vary, ICVS exam applicants typically must show two valid forms of ID, one with a photo, both with your signature.

Acceptable forms of photo identification (Country Specific) include

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Military identification
  • Employee Identification Card
  • Social Security Number
  • PAN Card
  • National Identity

Acceptable forms of non-photo identification (used when you registered for the exam) include

  • Credit card
  • Check cashing card / Debit Card

Leave personal items at home / Hotel Room
The only items allowed into the exam area is your identification & laptop so leave any backpacks, books, reading material, briefcases, and other personal items at home or hotel room. If you have items that cannot be left behind (such as cameras, purses/wallets, mobiles), the exam center may have small lockers available for temporary use during the exam taking time.

Other helpful information
At the exam center, IACVS requires that you accept the terms of a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) and complete a brief demographic survey before taking your certification exam.

Although food and drinks are not permitted in the exam rooms, many of the centers allow a break. There is a scheduled break of 20mins after the part 1 – A and before part 1 – B. If your exam center does not offer break time, you are allowed to leave the exam area as needed to get water, take medication, or use the restroom.

Note: The exam-taking clock does not stop when you leave your laptop for an unscheduled break. In most cases, applicants will not receive their score reports immediately after completing the exam. Score reporting timeframes vary for all applicants based on the case study submission and overall scoring by IACVS. Check with your regional exam center for complete information.

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