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Who can register/signup for IACVS-ICVS Certification Exam?

There are minimum must criteria for obtaining the IACVS designation. Applicants who qualify with the minimum must criteria can register / signup.

What are the criteria for obtaining the IACVS designation?

To qualify for the ICVS, the applicant – at minimum must:

  1. Have a college degree and hold a valid qualification to practice public accounting;
  2. Alternatively, hold a business degree from an accredited university, or have been granted a recognized finance-related credential (such as the CFA, CMA, CWA, or CGA), and can demonstrate substantial experience in investment or business valuation.
    For this purpose, demonstration of “substantial” experience means:
    1. Two or more years full-time equivalent experience in a valuation related disciplines; or,
    2. Having performed ten or more valuations in which the applicant’s role was significant enough to be referenced in a valuation report; or,
    3. Being able to demonstrate substantial knowledge of business valuation concepts, be published on the subject, completed graduate work in the field, or obtained a designation from another recognized business valuation accrediting organization.
  1. Be a member in good standing of an IACVS Charter (at or prior to taking the CVA examination);
  2. While it is not required, IACVS strongly recommends completion of a five-day training program and prescribed course of study;
  3. Submit three personal and three business references;
  4. Pass a five-hour comprehensive two-part proctored examination. This multiple choice examination is designed to test participants on valuation theory and concepts.

How can applicants show experience in valuation?

Beginning in 2009 ICVS applicants can show experience in valuation through one of three options:

  1. The first option is to submit for evaluation an actual sanitized (so as to protect your and your client’s identities) valuation report prepared in the last twelve months.
  2. The second option is to prepare a valuation report based on a case study provided IACVS.
  3. The third option was designed primarily for those seeking the ICVS designation, but not intending to be “valuation practitioners.” In this option the ICVS candidate will take an additional three-hour multiple choice examination designed to test the application of valuation theory and models. Those who pursue the ICVS with this option must agree that, at any time in the future, should they prepare a valuation report; the report will be submitted to a registered “mentor” for review/evaluation and compliance with IACVS’s Report Writing Standards.

How can an applicant keep the ICVS active?

To continue to hold an active ICVS, individuals must be Associate Members of IACVS. ICVSs who allow their membership to lapse will lose their certification and then must reapply to reinstate their membership and certification.

Note: With approval from IACVS, Charters may impose additional prerequisites as are deemed appropriate for a specific country.

In which countries are IACVS Charters established?

Americas Africa Europe Asia/Pacific Middle East Common wealth of
Independent States
Grenadine Islands Nigeria
The Republic of Belarus
South Africa
South Korea
United States
Uganda Romania
Hong Kong
Puerto Rico
  United Kingdom Malaysia
Saudi Arabia
    Australia Bahrain Turkmenistan


How can an applicant have IACVS membership?

Drawing on the respective and complementary strengths of Charter Members, IACVS offers individuals and organizations a means of enhancing opportunities in the valuation and fraud deterrence arenas. Applicant membership is available to individuals only through a Charter affiliation

How to find a local charter member?

Inquire of the local Charter Member or contact IACVS at info1@iacva.org for more information.

How can an applicant get Charter Membership or establishment of Charters?

IACVS confers the ICVS or CFD on applicants who are members of a Charter and, as such, Associate Members of IACVS. In the event that a Charter has not been established in the applicant’s country of residence, IACVS will agree to confer the designation on a successful candidate and to assign the membership to an existing Charter Member. Call +1-206-623-3200 for details or email IACVS at info1@iacva.org

How do I register/signup for IACVS-ICVS Certification Exam?

View the register/signup page to find the complete instructions

How do I schedule an appointment / block exam slot?

After you signup/register, schedule an appointment / block exam slot from “My Page” by logging with your user ID and password.

How much does IACVS – ICVS certification exam cost?

IACVS – ICVS certification exam typically cost USD 595, but are priced according to currency values in specific countries and regions. This exam cost is fixed, unless it is included in the training package.  Exam costs are subject to change. In some countries and regions, additional taxes may apply.

What payment methods may I use to pay for my examination?

While payment methods and requirements vary by exam, in all cases payment must be made in full for scheduling your appointment / Block the exam slot. Generally, we accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express for payment. You may also pay through Wire transfer.

Wire transfer information: If you wire the remittance, please use the following information

Destination Bank
Wachovia Bank, N.A., New York,
Swift Code PNBPUS3NNYC, ABA# 026005092
Beneficiary’s Bank
Bank of Montreal, Int’l Banking H.Q.,
Swift Code BOFMCAM2, CHIPS UID 046440
Beneficiary’s Bank Address 595 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V7X1L7
International Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts
Account No.

When will my credit card be charged?

Credit card processing varies depending upon the exam. Your credit card may be charged from the time your schedule your appointment up to the time you are scheduled to exam.

How can I request a receipt?

You can print your receipt by logging into your account from home page and then choosing the View/Print Receipt option.  Or, you can Contact us via e-mail IACVS at info1@iacva.org and request a confirmation letter which includes the amount you paid for your exam.

  FAQs on Scheduling and Rescheduling:

How do I schedule an IACVS-ICVS Certification exam slot?

For all exams, IACVS provides three easy methods to schedule exam appointments: 

  • Online (Secure and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Onsite at your local regional charter / training center
  • Calling our Regional Charter for registration. 

What information should I be prepared to provide when I schedule my appointment/bock exam slot?

When you schedule your appointment/block exam slot, you should be prepared to provide any of the following information:

  • The name used to schedule your appointment/block exam slot must exactly match the name shown on your identification. At a minimum, the identification must be a valid, government-issued ID that shows your name in the English alphabet, your signature and your photograph.
  • Your Social Security, Social Insurance or any valid National I.D. like passport number 
  • Contact phone numbers - If there is a problem, we will use these numbers to reach you
  • Mailing address - Please provide the address to which you would like your certificate mailed
  • Exam number and title
  • Eligibility information, if required
  • E-mail address - Once again for contact purposes, this is often the fastest and most effective means of contact. E-mail contact information if required for registration
  • Method of Payment you would like to use?

How can I find out where a exam center is located?

Once you are a registered user, you can login into your account on this site using your userid & password and view the list of exam centers available from "Mypage".

Can I cancel and/or reschedule my exam appointment /  block exam slot via the IACVS Web site?

Exam appointments / block exam slot can be cancelled and/or rescheduled through the IACVS Web Site. Please read the cancellation and / or reschedule policy carefully before scheduling NEW appointment / block exam slot.

How long will it take for my confirmation on schedule an appointment / block exam slot to exam?

Exam appointment / block exam slot scheduling is available within 3 business days of  receiving an email that your user account is  verified and approved by the IACVS Team. 

Why would my local regional charter tell me that they don't schedule appointments / block exam slot?

The local regional charter primary purpose is to administer exams. Many charters will also schedule appointments / block exam slot for their charter. If you call them directly. However, some charters prefer to have all of their appointments / block exam slot scheduled online or through the Contact Center.  If the charter administrator is not available or if your local regional charter does not schedule appointments / block exam slot, you will be referred to the Contact Center or our online registration Web site.

How do I obtain the appointment / block exam slot date and time I want to take my exam?

When you go to our online registration Web site or speak to a representative from our Contact Center, you will be asked to provide your preferred exam date.  The first available time slot on that date will be offered to you. If your preferred appointment date is not available, you can identify a convenient appointment / block exam slot date from the calendar and available slots.

My appointment is scheduled for today, however the exam center is closed.  What should I do?

You would have received an email intimation regarding  exam schedule cancellation / reschedule in advance from the local regional charter. However you will be contacted by the local regional charter  rescheduling department within 3 business days to reschedule your appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience. You can contact your regional charter click here

How far in advance must you schedule an exam?

ICVS certification exam requires 10-day advance appointment / block exam slot scheduling to ensure that the exam center has slots availability. ICVS certification online services will provide you with specific information for the examination you are trying to schedule.

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